Lubrication in Machine is like Blood in Human Body. Total Lubrication Management (TLM) leads to Energy Conservation & reduces machine maintenance cost.

About Us

Welcome to Global Technical Services

The Promoters of the Global Technical Services are qualified professionals with a combined experience of over 135 years. Their experience in the field of Petroleum and Oil Industry, besides Lubrication and Mechanical Maintenance related areas is commendable.

The Company has successfully implemented Total Lubrication Management as a Consultant and as service providers by implementing Total Lubrication Management on a single window basis – outsourced model, to several Cement and Mining plants in India.

Under the outsourced model, the Company provides trained man-power and modern Lubrication Equipments at a site. This leads to adoption of world-class lubrication practices. Several Industries have benefited by reducing their oil consumption, reduction in cost of maintenance and reduced energy cost, besides caring for environment.

The entire activities of lubrication, from storage, handling and dispensing of lubricants are done by the team of Global Technical Services at the Plant.

Global Technical Services Team

Key Executives

K.B. MATHUR Founder

K.B. Mathur is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate along with a degree in Business Management. He served the Indian Oil Corporation for 27 years; Gulf Oil Corporation as Executive Director and VP Reliance Petroleum, with a combined experience of over 38 years.

He started Global Technical Services in 1999. The objective of starting the company was to provide lubrication related services, which needs attention of the industry, to reduce their maintenance costs and also cut down energy cost. Effective utilization and conservation of lubricants is one of the prime areas of concentration.

GAURAV KRISHNA Chief Executive

Gaurav Krishna is a Graduate in Science with 17 years of experience, most of which is hands-on in implementing Lubrication Management in Industry.

He has played a key role in designing of excellent lubrication equipment for dispensing contamination free lubricants to machines, which is prime requirement and fulcrum of Mechanical Maintenance in any industry.


N.K Samtani is an Electrical Engineering Graduate. He has worked in Birla Organization with over 24 years in Cement Industries and then joined the Oil Industry, with a combined experience of 45 years.